Welcome to the Fellows Bold!

We are an actual-play rpg podcast with a rotating cast of randomly generated characters.

For Season One of the podcast (currently airing), we are playing Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons, working our way through the Tales from the Yawning Portal.

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Airing Now: Chapter 10 - Hot Pursuit

It gets personal when the giants attack Whitewyrm. Fellows Bold Recruitment Officer Wally Thomas sends seasoned sharpshooter Ada Cortez, professional giant-penis puncher Cyro "Blaze" Varjak, and once-giant-hating-now-reformed wizard Miles Sudrock to put a stop to whoever is organising these usually unsociable and uncoordinated creatures and bring peace back to Whitewyrm.

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We use a whole bunch of books and supplementary material and it’s high time we spilled the beans on where it all came from.