Bardic Inspiration

As part of our 1st anniversary celebrations, guest players and friends of the show (left to right in the video thumbnail) Saul Woods, Adam Hillman, and Dean Harris recorded a special version of our podcast theme tune, and this really cool video to go along with it.

We say it a lot, we know, but we really are over-awed with the love, support and enthusiasm we’ve received for this podcast, and we’re so grateful to everyone who has given us their time both in recording it with us and listening along. We’re excited for what the next year will bring.

The Performers

Saul plays Ada Cortez, the human fighter, and is adventuring in Chapter 10 which begins airing today. You can also catch Saul performing (in season) at the Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea with Cockett Amateur Operatics Society.

Adam plays Lynhart Hillman, the dwarf cleric, and will hopefully be adventuring with us again in Chapter 11 (as yet unrecorded). Adam is a co-founder of The Crunch poetry multimedia magazine, and is involved in running The Swansea Fringe, due to return in October 2019.

Dean plays Cinder Vas Rivermyst, the tabaxi sorcerer. He is the bassist for Cardiff-based band The Echo & The Always. They have not long finished recording their second album; we had a sneak peak of the album and it’s awesome - we hope they’ll be releasing it soon! He also writes music for D&D sessions which you can listen to on his Soundcloud.

For a full accounting of the podcast chapters they appear in, please visit our Meet the Players page.

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