Thank You

We're really excited to be sharing the first of what we plan to be many chapters of The Fellows Bold podcast with you - and there are some people we'd like to thank.

The wonderful logo artwork was created by comic artist and writer Dan Lee (@danleecomics), and the various iterations of our theme tune were composed and performed by Dean Harris (Deangeons and Dragons, The Echo and the Always) - except for the acapella version, which was performed by Saul Woods. Thank you so much!

Whilst we're saying thank you, we are also really grateful to everyone that has supported us by helping us to test equipment, downloading and listening to the podcast, and sharing our posts and links on social media. We don't pay to advertise the show, and we've been blown away with the fantastic response we've received so far.

If you'd like to know a little bit more about us - that is, host and Dungeon Master Mr Dan Jenkins (gif'd above) , and co-host and player Abigail Staniforth, you can do so by clicking here and also here.

We'll be sharing some player info and hopefully some photos soon, too - so stay tuned!